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  Meet Claire & Gilles   

Claire Pelenc & Gilles Pelenc Kannaway Dubai

Our journey in the world of CBD and cannabinoids, and Kannaway started in June 2018. At the time, our lives were already full on: parents of children with special needs, running two highly demanding businesses, having recently co-founded an Autism charity... The idea of getting involved in something new was certainly not on our jam-packed to-do-list!


We were however always looking for something that could help with our boys, and we had been recommended CBD as far back as 2015. Having done tons of research on the subject, we had been on the look out for a high quality CBD oil (ideally with no THC) that we could safely and confidently give them, but in 2015, 2016, 2017 we couldn't find anything in the UK that ticked the necessary boxes.


In May 2018, a good friend of ours recommended an oil called Pure Gold from Kannaway. After thorough research, we felt confident for our sons and the whole family to start taking it. Within a short period of time, we started to experience many noticeable benefits, including our sons being happier, more relaxed, more engaged, their ability to process information and express themselves having significantly improved. 

It wasn't only us noticing, everybody around us started to notice the differences and asked us what we were on... It generated a huge amount of interest, everybody wanted to try the CBD we were using.


Being entrepreneurial, we realised that Kannaway was offering a method of distribution that would allow us to participate in the legal cannabis space, with low initial investment and no risk, and, at the same time, helping others improve their wellbeing by consuming premium phytocannabinoids. 

Not only has Kannaway had a positive impact on our family's health, but has already made a significant impact on our income and lifestyle allowing us to experience a 6-figure income, and to travel the world as a family, from Costa Rica to Dubai and across Europe. We have currently developed the largest network of distribution of premium hemp-derived CBD products in the UK, one of the largest in Europe. We work very closely with our growing team, duplicating a simple proven system that creates competent and independent leaders, and our business is now growing across 17 countries so far.

Once in a generation, there is a sector whose time has come and that takes the world by storm. The legal Cannabis / Hemp-based CBD industry is predicted by business analysts and Forbes to be the 2020's equivalent to what the mobile phones were to the 90', the dotcoms to the 00's  the cryptocurrency to the 10's. An industry that is predicted to go from $600m in 2018 to $25b in 2022 and $125b in 2030.

If there has ever been an opportunity not to miss, this has to be it.

We are so grateful that someone thought enough of us to share this opportunity with us. We would like to share it with you today.

"The CDB train is leaving the station". We invite you to come aboard for the ride with us. We're not part of those jumping on the bandwagon. We are the ones driving the train!!

Kannaway UK Team Claire Pelenc Gilles Pelenc
Claire Pelenc & Gilles Pelenc Kannaway Dubai
Claire Pelenc & Gilles Pelenc Kannaway Costa Rica Elite Retreat
Claire Pelenc & Gilles Pelenc Kannaway Costa Rica Elite Retreat
Claire Pelenc & Gilles Pelenc Kannaway UK Team Dubai
Claire Pelenc & Gilles Pelenc Kannaway UK team Amsterdam
Claire Pelenc & Gilles Pelenc Kannaway Costa Rica Elite Retreat
WATCH Claire speaking at the Kannaway Super Academy in Amsterdam (Sept 2019)  -  [14'08"]

  The Next Step  

Would you like to find our more about the company, the business opportunity, the products, or even the science?

Claire & Gilles Pelenc


Based in Esher, Surrey UK

Tel: 44 7877 705 247 (C) 44 7877 498 845 (G)

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